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4smarts Qi2 Car Charging Set grey

Etusivu Koti Vapaa-aika 4smarts Qi2 Car Charging Set grey
4smarts Qi2 Car Charging Set grey (4S540988)

4smarts Qi2 Car Charging Set grey

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Powerful QI2 charging up to 15W The world is on its way to wireless charging - with the 4smarts Qi2 Car Charging Set you can take charging to the next level - without unnecessary cable clutter. Qi2 will harmonise wireless charging under one global standard and enable greater device compatibility. These high standards ensure that wireless chargers are safe and efficient. With the 4smarts Qi2 Car Charging Set, you can conveniently charge your MagSafe-enabled devices in the car. Our new charger offers a charging power of 15W. Strong magnets hold the mobile phone firmly and align it correctly for ideal energy transfer. Even smartphones with protective covers are no problem for our charger. Comfortable single-hand adjustment Enjoy the comfort of one-hand operation for easy adjustment of the holder. The flexible bracket allows you to bring the phone into the ideal position to match your requirements. You can rotate the upper and lower part of the bracket through a full 360° and bend the flexible frame so that it fits exactly where the holder is attached. You no need to worry about complicated setup, our holder is very stable so you can focus on driving. More than one mounting solution The strong 3M adhesive pad ensures exceptional holding power. The holder can be attached to many places in the car. Thanks to the particularly strong adhesive base, you can not only attach our holder securely to the windscreen or centre console of your car, but also to other places. No matter if you attach it to your monitor at home or to your laptop - the reliable adhesion is always maintained. Even on uneven roads, the stable holder ensures that your mobile phone stays securely in place.

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