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4smarts Wireless charger UltiMag TrioFold Lucid, 15 W

Etusivu Koti Vapaa-aika 4smarts Wireless charger UltiMag TrioFold Lucid, 15 W
4smarts Wireless charger UltiMag TrioFold Lucid, 15 W (540203)

4smarts Wireless charger UltiMag TrioFold Lucid, 15 W

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* 3in1 wireless charger: No more tangled cables! Charge your qi-enabled smartphone, your inductive TWS headphones and your smartwatch cleverly and quickly. Simply hold the back of the device against the charging surface and the charging process starts automatically. * Foldable: The charging station can be folded quickly when not in use and stored in a space-saving way. This makes it the perfect gadget not only for your home, but also for on the go. * UltiMag: Magnets integrated into the charging surface pull your smartphone into the right position and hold it exactly above the charging coil. This ensures that the maximum charging current is always transferred. * Upgrade: Older iPhones (from generation 8) or qi-capable Android devices (e.g. Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Google) can be upgraded for magnetic docking using the metal ring supplied. Simply stick it onto the case at the right height and you will experience the best possible charging performance. * Finishing: High-quality materials, such as resistant aluminium or tempered glass, merge into a combination of exquisite raw materials and transparent design. * Safety: The latest multi-protection charging electronics protect against overvoltage, overcurrent, short-circuit and overheating, thus extending the life of your battery.

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