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CONTOUR DESIGN RollerMouse Red Plus

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CONTOUR DESIGN RollerMouse Red Plus

  • Tyyppi RollerMouse
  • Lokalisaatio -
  • Liitettävyys Langallinen
  • Liitäntä USB

RollerMouse Red series

rollermouse red plus

Improve your performance with RollerMouse Red
RollerMouse Red is a series of centred mice with an award-winning design that ensures you have variation and control when spending many hours working in front of a computer. RollerMouse Red’s buttons and open rollerbar allow you to alternate between your right and left hands. It minimises repetitive strain injuries associated with one-sided use of muscles and tendons, and ensures an increased performance after a long day working with a mouse.

Great range and precision
No matter whether you work with one screen or more, RollerMouse Red has been optimised to facilitate screen navigation, and the cursor’s range can be altered, meaning you can easily work with multiple screens at the same time. The stable rubber-covered rollerbar with its textured surface makes it easy to move the cursor and click precisely, which is very important during intense computer work.

Award-winning design with documented effect
In 2013, RollerMouse Red won the “Red Dot Award” design prize for its sophisticated design, with its soft-brushed aluminium case and characteristic red detailing, and the design is still popular. The impact RollerMouse can have on your work should not be overlooked. In a Nordic survey with 4,000 participants conducted in collaboration with Coxit, as many as 99% of those surveyed who had experienced pain or discomfort associated with mouse work stated that a centred mouse had eliminated pain and discomfort.

Achieve comfort and increased performance
RollerMouse Red is designed with a number of pre-programmed buttons that facilitate the most commonly used mouse functions such as double-click, copy and paste. By using the buttons on the mouse, you minimise the number of clicks that you would otherwise do with a traditional computer mouse – a detail that may prove itself valuable in many situations and can help to minimise the strain of using a computer mouse. If you need to reprogram the buttons, this is easily done with our optional software driver.

One mouse – multiple wrist rests and armrests
The RollerMouse Red family is available with a variety of wrist rests and armrests, as well as in both wired and wireless versions. No matter which model you choose, you can adapt the mouse completely to your needs, and the intuitive and intelligent functions will help you to work more ergonomically and increase your performance. All our wrist rests and armrests are removable and modular, so that you can gain another form of support if your needs or preferences change.


Dimensions: Red plus

  • 42 cm x 15,5 cm x 2,3 cm

Rollerbar width

  • 30 cm

Scroll wheel

  • Yes


  • 7 buttons (6 programmable)


  • 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2400, 2800


  • OSX & Windows

Connection: Wired

  • USB


  • Available on Driver-page

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